The Business of EmPowHering Women


Each year the TCWF mentors teach professionals and non-professionals alike through enrichment seminars and events.  TCWF seeks to foster a networking environment fit for personal and professional growth.  Events sponsored by TCWF include:

  • PowHer Play

  • PowHer Play Mentoring Circles

  • The Annual Women's Empowerment Conference (AWEC)

  • TCWF Awards Dinner & Fundraiser

A Special Way to Connect

PowHer Play

In 2014, The Chatman Women's Foundation (TCWF) hosted an event geared toward 100 elite professional women entitled PowHer Play.  The event was such a huge hit that it became the signature event for TCWF.   The great part about PowHer Play is that strong, powerful women are giving advice to other strong and powerful women.  Women from all major industries from banks, government officials and Fortune 500 companies attended the event to share experiences and learned from others.  Each year, the success of the event is evident by the many ladies that share experiences and gain knowledge from others.

PowHer Play Mentoring Circles

Mentoring is not only necessary but can be one of the most valuable experiences one can have professionally and personally.  The advice, tough love, and quality time can have a tremendous impact on one's growth.  PowHer Play provides a mentoring platform that is multicultural and cross-generational.  In a 2016 survey created by Deloitte, 94% of millennial women felt that their mentors were providing them with good advice and 68% of the employees planned to stay with the organization for five years, versus 32% who had no mentor (Forbes.com).  Mentorship can help shape a person's outlook on priorities and responsibilities inside the workplace and in their personal lives.

​The PowHer Play Mentoring Circle approaches mentoring a variety of ways.  As a spin-off from the highly successful PowHer Play professional woman's breakfast, the mentoring circle is a facilitated session with industry leaders and professionals that provide knowledge, lessons, and accountability to participants.  Women can sign-up to participate in face-to-face sessions to ask questions directly to the mentors about their specific career and personal issues making the PowHer Play Mentoring Circles extremely valuable to women.  The PowHer Play Mentoring Circle attracts a variety of women from across multiple disciplines that are seeking knowledge from women at all levels.

The TCWF Awards Dinner and Fundraiser is a culmination of the entire year's efforts.  We used the funds raised from all the events to award deserving women in the community with "leg-up" scholarships, grants and endowments.  At this event, the recipients of the awards are honored as TCWF supporters congratulate and learn more about the goals and dreams of the women they support.

​The awards dinner also serves as a fundraiser for The Chatman Women's Foundation.  This is a prime evening for supporters and potential supporters to understand the foundation, its mission and the women it serves.  This event is by design an evening of celebration as the ladies truly deserve to be celebrated.

The Annual Women's Empowerment Conference (AWEC)

The Annual Women's Empowerment Conference (AWEC) is an event geared toward the betterment of women, both professionally and personally. AWEC is a different type of experience that helps women network better, live better, and feel better.

The mission of the AWEC is to empower and equip women of all ages and backgrounds with the tools needed to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Below are videos about AWEC and what the community and special guests thinks of our efforts.


Thank you for visiting The Chatman Women's Foundation.  Our mission is to empower women to explore, grow and indulge in their own PowHer.  PowHer refers to a woman's great ability to do or act upon anything she desires.

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PowHer Play 2016

PowHer Play 2016 Emcee, Natalie Arceneaux fired up the attendees