Founder & Our Board of Directors


The Chatman Women's Foundation (TCWF) is proud of the wonderful professionals that have given their time and energy to build a stronger foundation to help women grow and prosper. 

Shantera L. Chatman
Founder & Executive Director
Shantera is President of PowHer Consulting.  She is a strategic organizational engagement and adoption consultant with experience in organizational change management (OCM), project management, process improvement and transition management. She frequently facilitates discussions on leadership, diversity and self-esteem at her alma mater, Texas A&M University. She has worked throughout her career to help others discover their leadership talents through group facilitation, motivational speeches and other workshops/seminars. Shantera has made it her mission to see women showcased in a different light in the workplace and at home. Often criticized for being "too smart", Shantera refuses to "dummy down" her message of power and self-worth. Her message of being true to oneself is genuine and clear. She stresses an unapologetic belief in self and strong values that will build a foundation that is unbreakable.
Eldrick Woodley - Partner, Apogee Real Estate
Director of Finance
Eldrick Woodley is a native Houstonian and brings over 10 years of experience in commercial real estate and finance.  Mr. Woodley's experience spans across many competencies.  Formerly working for a leading international real estate company as a managing director, he recently founded his own commercial and luxury residential real estate firm, Apogee Real Estate Partners.  Apogee focuses on developing luxury residential communities int he Houston and surrounding areas.  Mr. Woodley also served in the US Army and previously worked as a relocation specialist for professional athletes.  In his spare time Eldrick enjoys spending time with his daughters Anika and Aubrey.