Women in society these days are pulled in many directions. Whether it's on TV or on the radio there aren't many places you can turn for a positive image of women. How are you supposed to look, feel and behave? More importantly, who are you and what do you want? You're left feeling puzzled. Shantera Chatman, the founder of the Chatman Women's Foundation is helping you put your pieces together as she is working to complete her own puzzle. In PowHer Play! A Women's Empowerment Guide, you will read stories of success and failure that will help shape your perspective on women's empowerment. From finding your voice to defining who you are and what you want to embracing your true PowHer this book promises to be a staple for women of all professions and students alike. Prepare to unscramble your puzzle and show the world your PowHer!

PowHer Play! A Women's Empowerment Guide

  • Paperback book by Author, Shantera Chatman