TCWF Awards Dinner & Fundraiser

TCWF Awards Dinner & Fundraiser

The TCWF Awards Dinner and Fundraiser is a culmination of the entire year's efforts.  We used the funds raised from all the events to award deserving women in the community with "leg-up" scholarships, grants and endowments.  At this event, the recipients of the awards are honored as TCWF supporters congratulate and learn more about the goals and dreams of the women they support.

​The awards dinner also serves as a fundraiser for The Chatman Women's Foundation.  This is a prime evening for supporters and potential supporters to understand the foundation, its mission and the women it serves.  This event is by design an evening of celebration as the ladies truly deserve to be celebrated.


Thank you for visiting The Chatman Women's Foundation.  Our mission is to empower women to explore, grow and indulge in their own PowHer.  PowHer refers to a woman's great ability to do or act upon anything she desires.

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