We are so excited to be able to provide financial support to women in need. Complete the simple online application and we will contact you after the review process. Please note that we may ask for more information to verify your need. Information requested may include data such as: business formation documentation, college acceptance letter, etc.

Be sure to select the award you want to apply for. The descriptions of the awards are below:

Education Scholarship

($500-$1500 award) Awarded to women aspiring to enter college or continue their education in an effort to make their lives better and/or qualify for a better career.

Life Change Endowment

($500-$1500 award) Awarded to women making a distinct life change that requires financial support (e.g., moving into a permanent home from a shelter, etc) 

Business Grant

($500-$1500 award) Awarded to women building a business and need a financial push to get over the start-up hump. 

TCWF Awards